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In the endless desert that is the internet, navigating can be a challenge for anyone, especially if you have a visual impairment.

The blind oasis offers you a well-deserved break from that. Here everything you need is gathered in one easily accessible spot - kind of like a real oasis in a real desert. 

This is not a site that was designed for vision and then later made accessible. The oasis was designed for accessibility first, with relevant content and navigation that is as simple and easy as possible. 

In the oasis you will find curated online services along with useful and entertaining resources. All for free.

And this is just the start. Based on your feedback and our experience, we will continuously grow the oasis to become an accessible destination for anything you can think of. 

Take a look around, and enjoy the Oasis!


Privacy Policy

To view our privacy and safeguarding policy, click here. 

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If you prefer to receive a phone call or text messages, just submit your message over the feedback and requests page.

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