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Are you looking for a new job or are interested in developing your career? Here you will find different resources that can help you with your job search and applications. There is a list of popular job titles, some tips for applying with a visual impairment, and other useful websites to visit.

You can also request individual support with your CV, an application, or any other questions you might have by clicking on this link

Popular Job Titles

If you have the right equipment you can basically do any job. Below are a few popular job titles that are frequently taken by people with visual impairments. Clicking on any of the job titles will take you to a page that explains the job.

Please reach out if you have any other positions we could add to the list.

Financial Advisor

Network Engineer

Massage Therapist


Phone Sales Representative

Phone Customer Service Representative

Software Developer

Web Developer

Physical Therapist

Phone Counselor

School Teacher

Music Teacher

Recruitment Consultant


Writer or Editor

A Job Search Pages

Here are some useful sites for your job search. When you are looking for a job on any of these sites try to use filters when they are available. For example you can often filter for location, level of experience, and even if you are looking for remote work. It can also be useful to set up job alerts.


A very popular site for all types of job search. They have a lot of filters and you can upload your resume for so that recruiters can find you based on your skills. You can also set job alerts.


CareerBuilder is very similar to Indeed. They also offer many filters and the possibility to upload your resume and set job alerts. Just try and see which platform you like more.


The professional social network lets you create a profile with your resume so that you can connect with employers and other individuals. They also offer a job search site with many useful filters and job alerts.

National Industries for the Blind - Careers

The NIB hires professionals for various positions in their office in Virginia. They also refer job seekers to partner agencies.

Workforce Recruitment Program

The WRP is managed by the US Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment. They post jobs in the federal sector, specifically for students and professionals with disabilities.


Offers a job board and a list of inclusive employers. There are not many filter options, so you might have to do some digging for the position you are interested in.


Offers career services and a job board specifically for individuals who are legally blind.


If you would like individual assistance with your job search, your CV, an application, or anything else career-related, just click the button below.

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