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Here you can find various useful links to other websites and content related to blindness and visual impairment. The collection of links will grow and be continuously updated.

If you have suggestions for links to be added, please share them through the feedback and requests page and we will include them.  

International Organizations for People with Vision Loss

World Blind Union WBU 

Represents people who are blind or partially sighted worldwide.

European Blind Union

Represents people who are blind or partially sighted in Europe.

National Federation of the Blind

Coordinate programs, services, and resources to defend the rights of blind Americans. 

American Foundation for the Blind

Promote access and equality for blind Americans.

Accessible Mobile Apps

Be My Eyes

Connect with a sighted volunteer over video chat for assistance with tasks


Subscription service offering assistance with tasks from sighted volunteers

Aipoly Vision

Camera app using AI to recognize objects in front of the lense.

Tap Tap See 

Camera app using AI to recognize objects in pictures taken. 

LookTel Money Reader

Camera app using AI to count money in front of the lense. 

Blind Square

Accessible GPS for people with visual impairment and blindness.




Blind and visually impaired content creators



Molly Burke - Youtube

Make up, fashion, food, and every day life as a blind millennial. 

James Rath - Youtube

Legally blind film maker with a love for movies

Joy Ross - Youtube

Videos from Joy's everyday life as a blind woman

Justin Holland - Youtube

Blind body builder with videos featuring fitness and every day activities. 

The Blind Life - Youtube

Tips, tricks, and technology for low vision, but also simply entertaining content. 

Blind Abilities - Podcast

About empowerment and accessibility for the blind and visually impaired community. 

Other useful pages

Vision Center

Offer a web guide with all types of information about eye care and health, contacts, glasses, sunglasses, eye surgery etc.

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